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pirate bay proxy

Page history last edited by Jessie Smith 2 years, 8 months ago

After a few months of rough weather, the Pirate Bay is finally back up, but unfortunately not for everybody.

Owing to controversies regarding its connection to copyright piracy, the world's largest torrent platform has been forced to walk the plank (that is, it was banned) in certain parts of the world.

So what would you do if your location is surrounded by The Pirate Bay, or if you're just tired of digitally searching the seas to find it, with its endless disappearances and reappearances under new URLs? Fortunately, the answer is simple! Others pop up with every torrent site which gets shut down in its place. If there is no The Pirate Bay, all you need is a stable torrent backup site to use.


While you can easily access The Pirate Bay, especially if you are looking for uncommon files, it is really helpful to read about other torrenting alternatives.


To keep track of the best sites available at any moment, our P2P experts search the torrenting websites continuously. And a brief alert, if you are concerned about your online fitness, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a VPN service.


Why is that so significant?


Because tons of people connect and upload data to torrents, the content you want to share will become infected; not to mention that you could be vulnerable to data manipulation and malicious third-party interference simply by using such a tool.


Keeping this in mind, the current list of reliable and easy-to-find torrent solutions for our experts can be found below.


The Strongest Pirate Bay Alternatives That Work Right Now:


Now that you know how to keep your torrent safe and protected, when The Pirate Bay is out of reach or needs the files you need, here is a list of the safest sites to use.


1. KickassTorrents


KickassTorrents has always been a trustworthy torrent favourite and has been going strong for more than a decade now. While in certain countries , such as Australia, it is still barred, we find it convenient to link from anywhere using a VPN.


The straightforward interface of KickassTorrents makes it easy to search what you're searching for with minimum interference, so if you've got more time you can check the front page for hot topics and suggestions.


The collection is incredibly well rounded, and you can find just about everything you're searching for. If you ever find that something is lacking, you will check in with the 165,000 + members online group on the web to request an query.




EZTV is one of the Torrent sites for the most popular TV show lovers. It is packed with applications to improve the enjoyment of torrenting, from a built-in security checker on the home page to a calendar showing hundreds of season release dates for series.


The platform is easy to use but there is a detailed FAQ and support section as well as an active forum should you get into any trouble. However, when you're on EZTV's website, it's better to use a pop-up blocker as clicking menu links will create blank pop-up windows.


3. YTS


YTS is host to an impressive range of titles, focusing on small file sized HD downloads. This is great if you're trying to hold info, or just want to easily download a video.


The interface is sleek and simple to use, but websites such as EZTV lack the active user base. If you register with YTS, though, you can upload requests for unique torrent files, which is especially useful if you're trying to find a uncommon favorite.


4. Zooqle


With over 172,000 TV episodes on its servers, and 38,000 movies, Zooqle is a powerful website. Its style differs slightly from the old-school, more conventional pages, but it is also incredibly convenient to use.


Zooqle's "my collections" tab is an outstanding component, asking you where you're going to watch new episodes of your favourite shows..


You would still want to leave your ad blocker on, though, so it would create a lot of pop-ups to browse the site. With Zooqle offering everything from TV shows to sports and wireless classrooms, many buyers find this tiny concession useful.


5. ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrent is one of the leading BitTorrent networks, delivering an easy-to-use search engine for nearly any kind of torrent you may like.


In addition to films and television, you'll find torrents for apps, cards, books, and songs.

 The gui is a little clunky but it's a better replacement for The Pirate Bay overall. Best of all, we witnessed no pop-ups when we visited the website!

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