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Kickass Proxy

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Although US officials shut down the original Kickass Torrents website several years ago, new replacement websites that look just like the KAT website are now available.


The websites that we have mentioned in this article are initial website copies. Maybe it's not the real thing, but it sure functions just like the original Kickass Torrents app.


Often known as Kickass proxy and mirror websites are such replica websites, which are updated from time to time. As the websites require people to access proprietary content, tech and film companies typically take them on due to DMCA records.



Kickass Torrents Proxy and Mirror


  • Kickasstorrent.cr

  • kat.am

  • kat.ag

  • katcr.co

  • katcr.to

  • Kickasstorrents.cr

  • kat.cr

  • kat.rip

  • Kickasstorrents.to


You may not be able to access any of the torrent sites mentioned as their ISP may have banned them. In these instances, to reach the web you'll need a VPN. Given that access to some torrent websites may be illegal in some countries, a VPN is a must to keep you hidden from your ISP.


Such websites are operated by Kickass proxy/mirror, and they have several different administrators. We can thus work somewhat differently from each other, though appearing precisely the same.


Will I use Torrents for Kickass?


If you want to try downloading torrents from some other websites, there are lots of other alternative websites. Another is The Pirate Bay, which is currently the largest piracy platform in the world.


It can be difficult to get used to a new torrent platform though. But it is just up to you whether or not to use new sites from the Kickass Torrents.


When does the original Web site of Kickass Torrents return?


We assume that some time long the original website will not be open. The web site has been taken down by the US authorities for many years.


Since the domain was taken from the original owner, the KAT website may be returning with a new domain name online. Who knows, it might even have something that we do not know about.


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Previously known as KickassTorrents was a Torrent sharing website. The website allowed users to access free copyrighted software and videos, which attracted more than one million users a day. The US government shut down the website because of the distribution of pirated content. 




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